Friday, May 31, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

A word of advice to Chan Lowe:  ‘Leave Now!’
I know, I know – that’s two words.  You caught me.
I realize that you are getting long in the tooth, probably haven’t saved any money and sorely need the alms that are dropped weekly into your beat-up old beret, by the kindly folks at the SunSentinel.  But honestly, Chan old sot – you’ve gone way beyond your ‘Use- by’ date.  
I have no idea what you might have done with the money your poor, sainted Mother gave you for art lessons but, it is painfully obvious that you squandered it on other youthful whims.  And, there is no good reason why whomever served or still serves as your patron & mentor at that nearly defunct Tribune newsrag, should continue to subsidize your failed mission.  
Your legacy of chicken scratchings, accompanied by oblique captions, both of which defy all attempts at association with each other, are worthless other than as a ploy to exhort a post humus apology from the Pulitzer Prize Committee.  Your thought process is muddled and you can’t draw.
At the end of the day, your life’s work, your oeuvre’ if you please, amounts to just that – meaningless chicken scratchings with disassociated captions that bottom line, exude bile-like vitriol, KKK-like bigotry and Jihad-like hatred.  How sad.
To save yourself the indignity of an inevitable, fatal collapse over your drawing board, I implore you to heed my sincere, heart-felt word of advice:  ‘Leave now!’

MORT KUFF  © 5-30-2013

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