Sunday, July 5, 2015

Young Black Woman Shreds George Takei for his Racist Comments

This Video is outstanding as it shows a young, smart conservative Black Woman putting the lowlife George Takei in his place. The despicable “Star Trek” actor George Takei made some racist slurs against Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. So much for the Left Wingers loving free speech. Only if you bash America will the Left Wing embrace you.

The truth is that Conservatives want to see more Minorities become wealthy and self-reliant. However the Liberals, aka Democrats want to keep Black People on the plantation.

This awesome Young Lady from Michigan also points out the liberals (or are they wanting to be called progressives now that they are progressively destroying America) are just “a bunch of racists.” The goal of this Young Woman is to promote Conservative Christian values among the black community.

Let us not forget the Democrat party has a long history of Racism. Democrats own the party of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, as well as the KKK.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hillary’s Plan to Steal the Election

Our electoral system is under attack!

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have launched a massive, nationwide effort to strike down Voter ID laws and flood the voter rolls with new, unverified liberal voters.

The end result of this scheme will be a guaranteed win for Hillary - and it could spell the end of conservatism altogether!

The Black Conservatives Fund is fighting back, and we need your help!

The Black Conservatives Fund must reach persuadable black voters with the conservative message, and cut into the Democrats' lopsided advantage among minority voters before it's too late.

Black Conservatives Fund has a proven track record of success. In the 2014 cycle alone, we endorsed 7 victorious conservative candidates, and we worked on the ground to boost black turnout for conservative Senator Bill Cassidy in Louisiana.

Now, we must expand our efforts to the critical swing states that Hillary Clinton is targeting in her voter fraud scheme.

They need your financial help today to reach persuadable black voters and snatch them away from Hillary to neutralize her efforts to steal this election.

Your generous gift right now will enable us to recruit and deploy black conservative activists to these voters' homes, businesses, social gathering places, and churches. It will enable us to rally black and minority voters around the conservative message and defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Please help the Black Conservatives Fund HERE to execute this critical mission by making a generous contribution if you are able to.

Thank you so much for your support!

Click Here to Support the Black Conservatives Fund

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Friday, May 22, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Open letter to:
Mitch McConnell & John Boehner
When we Conservative, loyal, patriotic Americans voted Republicans back into the majority of both chambers of The Congress – and you were elected to leadership roles – we anticipated that you would take bold steps to 1. Stop the flood of devastating policies being jammed down our throats by this president with a personal agenda totally at odds with America’s founding principles and time-honored traditions and  2. Take immediate steps to mitigate and reverse the list of those policies that have brought our nation economic chaos, a critically dangerous illegal immigration situation – and a terribly, corrosive feeling of despair and utter hopelessness about our very survival as a people – i.e., Baltimore.  
While you made some encouraging statements, you seem to have taken every opportunity to go along joyfully, with this president’s continuing effort to degrade our liberties and over-regulate our lives.  You do not show any signs of performing in the manner you promised during the mid-term elections campaign.
There is a popular saying among people who are trying to maintain the peace & security of our population in the face of increasing lunacy in public places: “If you see something; say something.”  That is still valid but I’d like to re-arrange it just a bit so that you know exactly how I feel about your performances, Mitch & John:

                   MORT KUFF    © 5-21-2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

An open letter with all due respect to President 
As you are the duly-elected President of all 50 of the United States of America and its citizens of all races, creeds & colors and Commander-in-Chief of all the Armed Forces comprised of brave men & women of all races, creeds & colors, I have a question to put to you:
Exactly when might we expect to hear you proclaim the same kind of respect and the same passionate dedication to honoring and protecting the rights of Christians and Jews in this nation as you have so boldly and so frequently declared your allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood here in the United states and the followers of Islam all around the world?
We understand that you don’t care much for The Constitution that places limits on the powers of central government however, if the First Amendment that guarantees Free Speech to all citizens of the United States of America works for you Mr. President, shouldn’t it work for Pamela Geller and her Muhammud Cartoon Contest?  Or, is Free Speech limited to followers of Islam who have sworn to replace the U. S. Government with a Caliphate and The U.S. Constitution with Shariah?
I, along with many loyal American patriots, await with great interest the courtesy of your reply.    
 MORT KUFF  © 5-10-2015
 U. S. Navy WWII, Boynton Beach, FL

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