Tuesday, January 16, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

Boycotting the President’s
State of the Union speech.

JOHN LEWIS, ELIJAH CUMMINGS & MAXINE WATERS: Ranging from the sublime to 
the ridiculous in that order, choosing to protest the President’s State of the Union 
speech because of their warped perception that he is a racist. That there is no basis 
for their accusation doesn’t seem to bother them even a little bit.

First, the ridiculous: A U. S. Representative from California, Maxine ‘Unhinged’ 
Waters, is a potty-mouth that continuously spews a stream of gross invectives,
 bald-faced lies and vicious name-calling at our duly-elected President.  If she
 weren’t black, female and ugly as sin, no one would pay attention but, she is black,
 female, ugly as sin and by the way, a Member of the U. S. House of Reps.  It follows
 that the complicit, totally-biased media laps it up and so, we are confronted with
 her cartoonish image and grotesque, blathering audio on TV screens, 24/7.

Then, a U. S. Representative from Maryland, Elijah Cummings, cannot put two
 words together without one or more of them being ‘racism’.  He inhales & exhales
 opposition.  It’s what he does.  He is so partisan that it is laughably sad.

And formerly sublime John Lewis, a U. S. Representative from Georgia, claims that
 President Trump has racism in his DNA.  Lewis, an early cohort of Martin Luther 
King, had been viewed down through the years as a man with a conscience. 
 However, over the last decade or so, he has morphed into a caricature of his 
former stature as he sullies his own history every time he opens his mouth.

Question:  Precisely how does this trio of race-hustling mal-contents and the 
clueless, careless, something-for-nothing crowd that continues to re-elect them to
 the U. S. Congress, imagine that they are contributing anything but chaos to the
 national discourse?  Their combined contribution rivals the California mudslides.

MORT KUFF    © 12-14-2018

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