Friday, May 22, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Open letter to:
Mitch McConnell & John Boehner
When we Conservative, loyal, patriotic Americans voted Republicans back into the majority of both chambers of The Congress – and you were elected to leadership roles – we anticipated that you would take bold steps to 1. Stop the flood of devastating policies being jammed down our throats by this president with a personal agenda totally at odds with America’s founding principles and time-honored traditions and  2. Take immediate steps to mitigate and reverse the list of those policies that have brought our nation economic chaos, a critically dangerous illegal immigration situation – and a terribly, corrosive feeling of despair and utter hopelessness about our very survival as a people – i.e., Baltimore.  
While you made some encouraging statements, you seem to have taken every opportunity to go along joyfully, with this president’s continuing effort to degrade our liberties and over-regulate our lives.  You do not show any signs of performing in the manner you promised during the mid-term elections campaign.
There is a popular saying among people who are trying to maintain the peace & security of our population in the face of increasing lunacy in public places: “If you see something; say something.”  That is still valid but I’d like to re-arrange it just a bit so that you know exactly how I feel about your performances, Mitch & John:

                   MORT KUFF    © 5-21-2015

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