Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal is Dangerous for America and Israel

The saga of the Iranian nuclear deal is too often one of the president giving and Iran taking.

Our former Florida Congressman Allen West rightfully exploded over the Iran nuclear deal during a fiery speech at a “Stop Iran Deal Rally” in New York City’s Times Square. The Army Veteran, Allen West strongly criticized President Barack Obama’s leadership on the issue, calling him a “weakling” and “charlatan.”

West asked the crowd of thousands “what message” the United States is sending by negotiating with the “number one state sponsor of terrorism” and a country that is holding “four Americans hostage.”

“No different than the last time we had a weakling in the White House when we had 52 Americans being held hostage,” he added, referring to the Iranian hostage crisis during the Jimmy Carter administration.

The Vile MSM must face it, Obama is commanding the destruction of America and Israel. Barry is hell-bent on establishing a "legacy" worth his worthless Noble peace prize. So now lil Barry is willing to permit Iran (which has many high ranking officials considered to be worse than Nazi Germany) to build nuclear weapons.

Most people who have any sense of right and wrong, and who are capable of seeing reality, know this is a bad deal. Traitor Kerry and Obama keep saying that they are against a 'bad deal' and yet what we know already it is far worse than what we even imagined.

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