Monday, December 28, 2015

First Liar Hillary Clinton now claims that she is Israel’s best friend.

This despicable Democrat is physiologically incapable of telling the truth ever, about anything.  She is as much of a friend to Israel as was the ultimate anti-Semitic, hate-mongering Arab degenerate, the late, very late, Yasser Arafat.  
Hag Hillary has been an unabashed Jew-hater since she was a radical student then, a radical lawyer then, a radical wife of Mr. Low-life himself, Bill Clinton then, radical First Liar to the Governor of Arkansas and then, radical First Liar to the President of the United States of America then, radical faux Senator from New Yawk then, unsuccessful radical candidate for the presidency then, radical and totally incompetent U. S. Secretary of State with an anti-Semitic Islamo as her most confidential advisor.  How all this adds up to her claim that she is Israel’s best friend, is beyond me.  Since she is a certified radical and renowned congenital liar, we must presume that she is lying about that claim again, yet, still, once more, forever and always.
She has one claim that she rides 24/7 in the delusional hope that it will give her sufficient gravy-tass  to vault her into the presidency – she, like Miss Piggy, claims to be a female.  Well, the very thought of checking out that claim by investigating what is hidden beneath her ‘Pants Suits by Burkha’ is so repulsive as to put me off my feed for a month.  Even if it turns out that she is indeed a female, that alone does not supersede the clearly-stated requirements itemized in the Constitution that qualify one who would run for election to the Presidency.  I just re-read those requirements in my pocket edition of the Constitution – nowhere is there any mention of lying, thick ankles or anti-Semitism among the qualifications.  
        As we say in Arkansas, “Sorry Hill, that Dem dog don’t hunt.”

        MORT KUFF   © 11-10-2015

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