Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

            Obama is angry.  
He is also living in a mind-set that has zilch  to do with the reality of life on this Earth.
In his third day of speeches following the horrific massacre in the Gay club in Orlando, he went off on a tear that included the usual creation of straw men for him to knock down; accusations against the Republicans in Congress for opposing his policies; and hurling a personal attack against the presumptive (R) candidate Trump, accusing him  inaccurately, of proposing to ban all Muslim immigration.  Obama creates pot holes.
Following his long-established pattern, Obama conjured up false narratives as if they had actually been espoused by someone – and then proceeded to ridicule them with all the acerbic sarcasm of which he is capable. None of it makes any sense. Nada.
He then took off on a wild-eyed tirade about his seven plus years of avoiding the use of the term, “radical Islamist terrorism”.  He posited the non-argument that use of this term wouldn’t change a thing and certainly, wouldn’t stop the extremists from committing their continuing reign of terror against innocent civilians.  No one in this nation has been known to claim such a stupid premise and yet, Obama displayed an off-the-chart outrage at ‘these people’. Obama creates pot holes and then invariably, steps in them.
Then, as if he were ripping the scab off a half-healed wound, he launched into yet, another rant against gun ownership, especially what he referred to as a ‘war weapon’, the AR-15 rifle. What this anti-military Coward-in-Chief doesn’t know about weaponry, would fill a giant, ocean-going container ship.  Just as there is no cure for ‘stupid’, there is no solution readily available for this man’s ‘willful ignorance’.  All serious attempts at educating him to factual reality have ended in utter failure.  He is simply ineducable.
Obama is someone who is boiling over with anger in addition to exhibiting the stunning manifestations of his classic Narcissism.  These maladies, coupled with his outsize arrogance and his urgent need to express his Islamist ideology every-hour-on-the-hour, leave precious little room for his wide-ranging mood swings.
The sooner he leaves the Oval Office with all its responsibilities that he has managed to side-step for 7.5 years, the happier we’ll all be.  If he were to take up residence in Syria, we’d be even more chipper.  At least he’d be in his element.  What a dipshit.

                              MORT KUFF  © 6-15-2016

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