Monday, January 2, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

No one has asked me but . . . .
if they had -  I would have told them of my choice for the tailor-made, perfect fit for the extremely vital job of running this nation’s foreign affairs, as Secretary of State, it is . . . John Bolton.
He is hands down, the ideal man for the job – by qualifications, directly-related experience, talent and temperament.
It is my considered assessment that there is no more singularly-suited man for this job.  I say, ‘man for this job’ because most recently, we’ve had three women (I include John F. Kerry as one of them) occupying the top Diplomat position at Dept. of State; each has proven spectacularly incompetent.  
This is not to infer that there are no women in this nation who would be able to do a creditable job of diplomatic planning and decision-making.  Far from it; there are plenty of women who could. However, I believe that in the age we’re living in, the cards are stacked against women.  This is primarily due to the bigoted, misogynistic attitudes and practices entrenched in so many of the dozens of backward, Islamist-dominated countries all across the Globe.  They hold women, all women, in disdain.  So therefore, will never accept them as equals in any regard.  Until that situation changes, the Secretary of State must remain, ‘a man’s job’.
At this time, John Bolton is the man of the hour.  He has a vast store of knowledge about how diplomacy works.  That wisdom spans the gamut of the convoluted ins & outs of international diplomacy.  He knows a sizeable segment of the current world leaders on a one-to-one basis. He enjoys the trust and respect of all our allies and a goodly portion of those forces that have declared themselves to be enemies of the United States.
The person who is placed in the driver’s seat of our diplomatic efforts, must be smart, strong, experienced, wily and resolute.  John Bolton fits the bill.       

              MORT KUFF   © 11-29-2016

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