Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Liberalism = Fascism

Liberals always try to silence dissent, while striving to state they are pro free speech. They like free speech for themselves, not for the opposition.
There is a long history of liberal fascism, from Marx and Mao to Hitler and Obama.
Whenever you hear a liberal say, "There is no debate", "This has been settled" and "There is no point in going any further" you know they are clueless as to anything beyond the talking points of the subject. A prime example of this was Gibbs yesterday at the press briefing when asked about healthcare. He said, "we won, get over it".
Liberals are racist, eugenicists. They started welfare and planned parenthood and are now pushing government healthcare. Welfare is designed to keep the poor, poor. Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist, with the hopes of killing off inner city babies before they are born. The healthcare system der fuhrer is pushing is designed to eliminate 80% of the cost of health care to the 20% that uses it the most, the elderly. Over 50, have a heart attack or cancer, bummer. Eugenics at its finest. And, the democratic party is the party of slavery and the party that fought civil rights in the sixties and seventies. Hell, Byrd is still in office for the Democrats and he is a klansman. The GOP freed the slaves. Martin Luther King Jr. was a GOP member, because the GOP believes in standing on your own.
Yes, the truth hurts. Liberals are out numbered by conservatives 2 to 1 in a recent gallup poll. Liberals like to call conservatives nazi's and that is cool. No woman ever dreamt of being tied to a bed and being ravished by a liberal. Besides, the nazi's were the national socialist party.....liberals, practicing eugenics. Those weren't easy bake ovens paisano.
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