Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama’s Amerika

Why is B. Hussein Obama so angry and bitter? He’s had a charmed life so far. Some Drones helped him through college along with American Taxpayers. The same goes with his angry, radical wife.

Now they will wreak havoc upon America. You know, make us pay for my Rich, Slave owning family. Wait, my family was not rich nor did they live in America even remotely close to when there was Slavery. But we must pay, forever!
Why aren’t the Republicans who fought to end slavery ever mentioned or thanked?
The real problem here has been spreading for 25 years. That problem is Political Correctness (It was designed by radicals to weaken and then destroy Western Civilization).

We now have a President who sticks up for Gang Members and Terrorists. C’mon the guy won’t even say the word “Terrorist”. We can thank these Anti-Americans for giving us Judges like Sotomayor. Judges who openly make Racist comments against Whites and she is rewarded. Happy yet? How about Obama having his Thugs tell America that the Stimulus money will help bring jobs, but only for Minorities and Women, not White Men, their words.
So the next time someone you know gets brutally murdered, raped or is a Victim of a group of thugs doing a Home Invasion, we know who to thank. We can thank those hypocrites who have pushed this liberalism and Political Correctness on us.

How about having a President who works with a Criminal Organization, ACORN, where they promote bringing underage, illegal immigrants into America to be Prostitutes? Are you digging this Political Correctness now?

When our President had heroes such as Malcolm X and Frank Marshall Davis, self avowed Anti-White and Communist, are you happy with this “Change”?

I am not “White Bread” nor some privileged guy born with a Silver Spoon in my mouth. So any vile Liberals that just throw down the “Race Card” to dispose of this writing do not have a leg to stand on. If they want to discuss “Racism” then have them look no further than their Messiah, the President. Not noticing he is a Racist is like not noticing a 5000 lb. Elephant in your living room.

This is not black or white or Republican or DEMONcrat. This is about wanting to protect our Country. So if that makes someone a Racist then this Political Correctness disease is doing it’s job. It has eaten at the very core of our culture, all the while destroying the USA.

In Obama’s Amerika, when ultra-rich Rappers shout out the “N” word and praise having a “BLACK” President (Black or White, does it matter now that he is not a good President?).

When a school bus with a Majority being Black children attack a White Student (minority) and cheers go on and on. The bus taking these kids to the same type of public school where Obama will not send his own daughters? The Public School system, that Obama wants to pull vouchers from, which have helped the poor children try for a better life.

Obama’s Amerika which was supposed to bring “Hope and Change” only allows an American to voice his/her opinion if they agree with the Thugs in the White House. Are we enjoying the “Hope & Change” now?

This Marxist should not have even been a Senator. If he was truly Vetted he would have been booted from all Political Positions years ago. He is not qualified to work at the failing Post Office. Any job with a background check would void B. Hussein Obama.

This man is sitting in the White House? Are we insane? This is all about Political Correctness. He NEVER would have gotten this far without Political Correctness pressuring Light Weight Americans to vote for him and support this failure.

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Walton said...

Yes, we now live in a Country where you can openly & proudly practice Racism against a White Male. However if you criticize a Black Man who is doing a horrible job, you are classified a Racist.

Dwayne said...

Yes, Obama is the lowest of Lows. Look at his Heroes growing up. One was a Drug Dealer/Pimp who beat Women daily and said White Man was Devil. The other Hero was a self avowed Communist who would get underage girls stoned on drugs and then have sex with them. And the White Basketball Players who do not stay all night to Party were just Racist, obviously. The Twisted mind of B. Hussein Obama.