Sunday, October 25, 2009

Liberal Logic is an Oxymoron

So by Liberals logic, we aren't supposed to question ANYTHING that THEIR president does! We're supposed to NOT criticize this administration AT ALL! We are supposed to walk lock-step with everything they want to do like all you blind sheep aligned with this moron of a president does.

Libs attacked everything that Bush did for 8 years. 8 YEARS!!! For 8 years these Nazi libs posted their vitriolic hatred for Bush, and everything the republicans stood for. Nazi Libs showed hatred for America, via their bumper stickers, their violent and destructive protests, slashing tires of republicans cars, made a movie "fantasizing" about the assassination of Bush, I saw online, numerous posters who threatened Bush, wanted him dead! Liberals who wish all conservatives dead!

What if someone made a movie about the assassination of Obama? Enough said! The "double-standard media" would chastise that Movie maker, drag them through the mud, call them racist and extremist, call them a terrorist, etc. What did the main stream media do about the Bush movie? They embraced it! Liberal Wackjobs flocked in droves to watch the movie, because their hatred was so strong, they cheered it! I personally heard libs say "too bad it's just a movie!" They actually wanted it to happen!!!! Anyone who questions Obama is labeled as a racist! I happen to know several black People (who also dislike Obama) does that make them racist too? Race relations have been dealt a negative blow. Not by anything the republicans are doing, its the twisted logic coming from the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Carter, Clinton etc. They're the ones playing the race card!

FACT: Liberals hate America and the freedoms for which it has stood for. Which is why dirtbag libs want to CHANGE it! The CHANGE these libs are bringing to America, I want no part of! If that means I am an insurgent, then so be it! So F You and your liberal ideologies, Damn You for corrupting and brainwashing the school children, who are the future of this country. Damn You for indoctrinating your liberal garbage into the minds of young, impressionable children, Damn You for ACORN and your corrupt campaigning and elections. Screw You for attempting to socialize healthcare, and for socializing the auto industry.
Your Marxist president is a failure, Woodrow Wilson style.

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