Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama’s Reward for Corruption

Did the Left Wing Norwegians look into Barrack Hussein Obama’s past or only into his initial 12 days in Office?
If these elite Nobel Peace Prize Judges knew how to read they might find some disturbing information on Obama.

Obama would leave a Baby, alone in a Utility Room to die, yet he wins a Nobel Peace Prize. This has to be one of the most heinous ideas by any President which we have ever had.

Obama hangs around and works with Terrorist Bill Ayers, yet he wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama sits in a Vile Racist Church for 20 years, yet he wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama praises Cuba, where Political Prisoners are locked up for speaking the truth. No problem, let’s give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama hugs Dictators who rape and kill their Men & Women Citizens at will, but hey, Obama is cool, give him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama marries a Radical Person who wants Blacks to have more advantages than Whites, yet he wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hussein Obama gives Millions of dollars to Odinga who wreaks havoc on Poor Blacks in Kenya. Odinga’s Thugs rape young boys & Women, of the Kenyan tribes. Who cares, right, Obama can read a teleprompter so give him a Nobel Peace Prize.

Barry Soetero, aka Obama, nominates a disgusting Racist Judge Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. A person who looks like George Costanza in Drag and wants to take jobs away from “Qualified” Italian-Americans or White Men or however she qualifies People. What Racism? Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Let us not forget Obama and his cohorts at ACORN, which is a Criminal Enterprise. There are far too many atrocities to name, involving ACORN so just give the damn Nobel PEACE Prize to Obama.

Why not just call it the Nobel Crime Prize. At this point in time, the Nobel Peace Prize is just a mockery of Peace.

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Blackberry757 said...

Yes, this nails down who Obama really is. How could any sane person defend Obama? He deserves impeachment as soon as possible.

Jose L. said...

Obama should have been "man enough" to refuse the Nobel Peace Prize. the prize has become a hideous display of cynical politics.

Dennis Oakley said...

Progressives will continue to reward Nobama as long as he helps destroy America. Liberals around the world are jealous of USA and want to bring us down to a 3rd world Country. Obama is their man!