Sunday, November 22, 2009

The New Nazi Party!

It's Official! The Democrat Party has now become Thee New Nazi Party! The display of Thuggery this past few months has put the New Nazi Party on the map. These Modern Day Nazis want to control us from the “Womb to the Tomb”.

We all know by now the so-called Leader we have, would put a baby in a utility room, to die alone. So you Old People are next. You better start working on that Bucket List deal. You can bet your last devalued Dollar, with rationing Obamacare, I mean HEALTH Care, that there won't be room for Seniors.
Uh oh, as a 40 something year old, former Military, Right Wing extremist into the Constitution (I bet that word, Constitution will be outlawed soon) maybe I better start my own Bucket List.

As we are bombarded on how smart Barry Soetero is, it amazes me on how stupid he really is. By destroying the American dollar and weakening our Military and angering the Common Citizen, doesn't he know we will be a sitting duck for attacks?

Did the “Radical Islamic Terrorist” (yes, that phrase, “Radical Islamic Terrorist”, will be outlawed soon. They were just poor, misunderstood Men of a certain color or religion who needed hugs) pull out any Muslims before they flew planes into the Twin Towers or Pentagon? Does B. Hussein Obama think he will take so much money from his “Chicago Way” Nazi Government that he can buy his freedom?

These Nazicrats will tell sheeple that they care about the poor people as they slam us with Obamacare or Pelosicar or Reidcare. Any of your Senators or Representatives who voted for this atrocity know darn well that there are all kinds of Reparations in this bill. If we still have any freedom to vote in 2010 & 2012, you must evict all Nazi Democrats before they evict you!
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Anonymous said...

I think you have just nailed, it.

Brian Ski said...

Yes, many Liberals claim they are so accepting. But look at where all the anti-Jewish talk comes from. Obama & Thugs, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson. They all hate Jews & Whites. Obama is the biggest Racist President in past 75 years. Democrats appease the Nazis.

Mikey Miller said...

Obama - his real family identity and his name Soetoro gets buried in the media
Hitler - his real family identity and his Jewish name Schickelgruber gets buried in the media
They are very similar starting with "Change" BS and corrupting the youth.

Anonymous said...

Don' forget Obama - vote fraud and poll manipulation - ACORN, Propaganda; Obama Girl
Hitler - vote fraud and poll manipulation - Minister Joseph Goebbels control of all News Media.
Also all of Obama's friends hate Jewish People

slimster said...

Hitler created a Gestapo, a national police force that would crack down on a dis-armed and defenceless population at will. In a speech he delivered at Colorado Springs on July 2, 2008, Obama called for a national police force. In that speech he said: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Sal the Broker said...

Hitler rose to power with the help of several disreputable men who shared his socialistic outlook and worldview. Obama was aided up the ratline by the racist and anti-Semitic Reverend Wright, the terrorist William Ayers and the corrupt convicted Chicago criminal Tony Rezko among others.

Anonymous said...

Hitler promised to change the world, to create a new social order and to go after the allegedly wealthy Jews who he claimed were responsible for the suffering of the average German. Obama employs some of the same utopian us against them rhetoric when he talks about taxing the rich.

Nathan H. said...

If the Libs argue they are not Nazis, they can't run from Marxist title. The last minute purchase of corrupt Marxist-Democrat Senator votes (with OUR tax money) at over $100 Million a pop clenched the deal.
The ObamaGov is placing the final nails in the coffin of our Republic and is replacing it with its onerous and totalitarian Marxist presence.

Impeach now! said...

"To disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them..."
Just what Hitler did. Also, the goal of Obama Soetero. Only his ACORN & Unions will hav guns

Florida Neil said...

Leftwing knuckleheads always wanted to say Bush was a Nazi. He was the farthest thing from a Nazi. Obama, on the other hand is anti-Israel.

Anonymous said...

They will get my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands

Anonymous said...

Liberals are always demanding that people be slaughtered.
Anyone libs do not like are targets for being tortured and wiped out by nazilib thugs.

Go for example to any article where someone is accused of abusing animals.

EVERY single liberal in the comments section of those articles DEMANDS slow torture and death not only for the one accused of abusing animals but also for their family and friends.

Thses are the same ones who want no torture (not even waterbording)for terrorists.

They do not even care about the animals because when you point out that PETA kills animals, the lying fake concern for the animals never gets them to demand torture for PETA members.

They do not even want trials, just torture the accused in the streets with no trials, they demand.

One person accused of such abuse had a Jewish SOUNDING last name and they posted his families name and address and said "dynamite their house" and "this is how Jews are".

Liberalism=nazism with all the evil and thuggery, Hitler ever could have imagined.

Anonymous said...

its closer to communism that facism. commies were bigger scum bags than nazis. killed about ten times the amount of not a nazi sympothiser but ever wonder why everyone hates the nazis but communism isnt thought bad of? because ever since you born youve been told how bad nazis are. all the things they did (alot of the things they teach you are not true). long story short, the only people who could keep the world to going to communism was the nazis.

i love america. but hate what its turning into