Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lowdown on The Weathermen

A look into the communist revolutionary Weatherman organization, and two of its leaders, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.
Barrack Hussein Obama and Radical Michelle Obama became close friends and worked with the Despicable Ayers & Loathsome Dohrn.
Would any of these Marxist or the Czars be allowed near the White House when Reagan or Bush was President. Have we sunk this low, so fast?
You must punish these Marxist at the Polls in 2010!

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Nobama Resign! said...

Why is Obama still President? Hezbullah and hamas also do humanitarian deeds for their communities. Should we overlook their terror and embrace them, too. It’s just a little murder & terror, that’s all.

Jerry Alton said...

Like many, I suspected the Ayers connection was deeper than has been told. The Marxist agenda of these Thugs is being obscured by Fringe Media babble. That is perhaps intended to deflect all attention away from the facts, and onto such vacuous issues as race as a factor.

Mr Bob said...

This message must keep being told. Ayers and the underground were not about "stopping a war" that was the subject they used to fight Capitalism and promote Communism. They believed the war should stop because Communism to them were the good guys and we were the bad guys. ...they still do.

Mr Bob said...

This message must be told over and over. Ayers and the underground were not agains the war because they were anti-war...they were against it because they did not want America fighting communism...They believe the communists are the good guys.