Friday, April 22, 2011

Can Obummer Sell His "Snake Oil" a Second Time?

Before we break for the Holiday weekend we want to report on the Nazi MSM in South Florida. The MSM in this Country is as diabolical as their Community Organizer Leader. They (Democrats) must be severely punished at the Polls in 2012. Future generations are depending on us whether they know it or not. This Marxist Community Organizer Obama wants to gut America. He has added more to the National Debt, in two years, than the previous 43 Presidents combined!

We have a response from Chuck On The Right Side to the local Newspaper Rag in South Florida.

Dear Stephen L. Goldstein:

Stephen, don't you wish what you said was true that Obummer will be re-elected in 2012? Do you really think Obummer can sell his "snake oil" a second time?

Three years ago during the runup to the 2008 election, Obummer didn't really have a record to run on so people bought his glowing rhetoric about "hope and change" and elected him. Times are different now. Obummer will have a track record to have to defend, and if the polls are correct, he will suffer in the eyes of the voters and be, thankfully, a one-term president.

Stephen, you indulged yourself again in trying to demonize Rep. Paul Ryan by using his physical appearance as a means of discrediting his message and budget proposals. As I said in my last letter to you, before you criticize other peoples looks you should look in your own mirror and see the real demon - it's not a pretty reflection you will see as you can't polish horse manure.

You'll see a continuation of the 2010 election in 2012 as people can be fooled once, as in 2008, but won't be fooled a second time as they will excise the cancer called the Obummer Administration.


Chuck On The Right Side

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