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Muslims Learn They Don't Need Bombs to Destroy USA

Western civilization is in a fight for survival and our TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) sits on Broadway to watch Sister Act. Did "Sister Act" make a profit on Broadway? Well if yes, then turn that profit over Marxist whoopie Goldberg! All you Marxists who support Soetoro, well live by your words, now is not the time to make a Profit!

The portion below is by the great Debbie Schlussel

Accident” or Jihad?: Egyptian Pilot’s Near Miss @ JFK Airport

Written by Debbie Schlussel
Hmmm . . . an EgyptAir pilot takes a wrong turn “by accident” and nearly causes a collision with a Lufthansa plane speeding down the runway and about to take off from New York’s JFK airport. “Accident” or deliberate jihad? It wouldn’t exactly be the first time an Egyptian pilot deliberately engaged in jihad and purposefully murdered passengers. And pilots just don’t make boneheaded moves like the one this Muslim pilot made on Monday. Listen to the audio of the pilots, below. Do you really think this Egyptian pilot is such a moron . . . or cold and calculating? I vote the latter.

EgyptAir or JihadAir?: Making the Skies–AND the Runways–Not So Friendly
In November 1999, co-pilot Gamil Al-Batouti deliberately crashed his EgyptAir plane into the ocean, off the coast of Massachusetts, killing more than 200 passengers, after being recorded saying Muslim prayers to Allah. He waited until the captain of the flight left the cabin and disconnected auto-pilot. Although “experts” said it was a suicide, he could have easily committed suicide on his own, rather than take a plane down carrying a number of Americans. It was clearly an act of Islamic terrorism. And there have been a number of other mysterious and suspicious EgyptAir crashes in recent years.

But, no worries, the EgyptAir pilot from the Monday incident took off 90 minutes later, and the pilot is safely away from American reach. Thanks, federal agents, for letting this pilot leave the U.S. without any investigation whatsoever. Only in America. I guarantee you that if an American pilot did this in Egypt, he’d long since have been tortured to death.

A packed Lufthansa jet narrowly avoided a deadly collision with an EgyptAir flight that had taxied into its path at Kennedy Airport, terrifying air traffic control tapes revealed.

“Cancel takeoff! Cancel takeoff plans!” shouted a rattled air traffic controller as the massive Lufthansa Airbus A340 steamrolled toward the EgyptAir Boeing 777 just before 7 p.m. Monday.

“Lufthansa 411 heavy is rejecting takeoff,” the pilot acknowledged as the plane screeched to a halt just moments before the potential disaster.
“All traffic is stopped right now,” the controller informed all planes, according to recordings posted on

The narrowly averted disaster came as the Cairo-bound Egyptian airliner had apparently mistakenly turned the wrong way onto Runway 22R.
The error occurred just as the Munich-bound Lufthansa flight was approaching full lift-off speed of 180 mph less than a mile away.

Stunned pilots who witnessed the near tragedy as they circled the airport let out sighs of relief that no one was killed.
“Those two were coming together,” radioed one unidentified pilot.
“That was quite a show. I thought it was going to be a short career,” a Virgin America pilot arriving from Los Angeles radioed in moments later.

If the two planes had collided, it could easily have turned into a catastrophic calamity – the Lufthansa plane was carrying 286 passengers and the EgyptAir flight can carry up to 346.

After screeching to a halt, the Lufthansa flight crew requested maintenance crews come and check their overheated brakes.
“Maybe we have hot brakes right now. Maybe we take a minute,” a flight crew member radioed to the tower.

The flight took off safely about 40 minutes later. The EgyptAir took off 90 minutes later.

It seems very suspicious and hardly an “accident.” And letting this pilot leave the U.S. just an hour and a half later? Truly boneheaded.

Do you think that if an Israeli or British or French pilot nearly murdered hundreds of Americans at an Airport just miles from Ground Zero, the pilot would be gone from America 90 minutes later without any attempt to detain him?

Dream on. But, hey, we gotta be extra-super-nice to the Muslim pilot, ‘cuz–ya know–maybe it will make ‘em like us better.

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