Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

My Stars & Stripes

Nothing provides me with more of a kick-start to my day, than placing the flagpole with my Stars & Stripes into the bracket on the front of my house. My heart never fails to beat a little faster with the honor I feel, at just holding the flag that represents what my country is all about.

Sometimes, I’ll face the flag and recite The Pledge of Allegiance, silently. Some days, I just look at those stars and stripes and quietly whisper, “Thank you, God”. Sometimes, I’ll put up the flag and give it a short, snappy salute. Placing the flag in front of my home is a very private thing, with me. I am happy to share to flag with all who pass by but, my sentiments . . my innermost feelings about our nation’s flag – these are deep inside and just between the Founding Fathers and me.

Whenever I return home and am greeted by the sight of ‘my’ Stars & Stripes, I feel my old heart beat just a bit faster. And for a brief moment, I find myself awash in the warmth of my love for the United States of America. That isn’t a bad thing to feel. It is always right; it is always up-beat.

Whenever the clouds turn dark grey and all the signs point to a sudden downpour, I take in ‘my’ Stars & Stripes. Every once in a while, when I haven’t checked the skies overhead, a sudden storm will roll by and give everything a good soaking, including my flag. I usually have a silent chat with the red, white and blue symbol of our freedoms and promise not to let that happen, again. The flag remains mute as if understanding that after all, this is Florida – sudden storms are to be expected, as are aging patriots who react somewhat slower than they might have in times past.

When I retire the colors at dusk, I feel that old heart pounding again. I look up and thank the provider of our freedoms for another day of miracles, protected by ‘my’ Stars & Stripes. Got that? ‘MY’ Stars & Stripes. My personal Stars & Stripes.

I love that flag.

MORT KUFF 6-18-2012

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