Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Sen. Harry Reid:

He’s what’s wrong with the Congress

Whenever I see this sad sack of sardines shuffling toward the microphones, my skin begins to crawl.

It would be a stretch to imagine a more boorish embodiment of negativity than is foisted upon America each time Harry Reid delivers one of his misguided messages as only he can, in that dreadful Johnny-one-note-mumbling-monotone. His posture is depressing, as is his always-dour countenance. His facial expressions make it appear for all the world that he is being tortured – when in actuality, it is we poor peasants who are being tortured.

Given this exquisitely accurate depiction of Harry Reid, who was elected by the Senate’s doofus Democrats to serve as their majority leader – would someone please explain to me the ‘what, where and how’ of this man’s extremely annoying arrogance? He has developed being annoyingly arrogant into a trademark. Actually, an art form.

He is the poster boy of obstreperousness. Translation: He is stubbornly resistant to the traditional relationship as set forth in the Constitution, whereby the Senate recognizes and takes up legislation that originates in and is passed by the other equal chamber of the Congress, The House of Representatives. He huffs & puffs in his archly abrasive smarminess as the Senate’s ‘cock-o-the-walk’, that any such bill reaching his desk is DOA (Dead On Arrival). So much for non-partisanship and collegial cooperation between the two chambers of the Congress. Take that, you stupid voters of America!

What makes anyone think that simply because it is a tenet of the Constitution of the United States of America, that His Holiness Pope Reid feels the slightest obligation to address the matter of preparing a budget that sets forth the fiscal parameters necessary for the responsible operation of the U.S. Government? Three years of ignoring that solemn duty of the Senate have it seems – kinda, sorta set the pattern for ‘winging it’ in Washington. Hell, we can always pass a temporary ‘Hall Pass’ to get us through the next fiscal period. Really, who needs a budget?

Is there a more compelling reason for overturning the Democrat majority in the Senate than booting this corrupt little creep out on his sorry ass? November will be here soon. If Obama wins; if Harry Reid is still there on November 7th, WE LOSE!

He’s what’s wrong with the Congress.

MORT KUFF © 6-12-2012

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