Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Michael Mayo: (Bloviating Ignoramus)

Sporting the by-line, ‘Commentary’, below the fold of page 1B of the SunSentinel’s LOCAL section is a pretend political analyst, a pomposity named, Michael Mayo.

After reading several of his columns, I’m guessing that the outlook for the Sentinel is even more bleak than one would have surmised. Given that paper’s narrowed physical dimensions, ever more sparse news content and preponderance of full-page ads that one suspects have been sold at significantly reduced rates – it is sad to note that the quality of editorial ‘commentary’ too, has descended to sophomoric levels.

Mayo presents as an annoyance whose commentary has roughly, the validity of a two week old puppy whose sole accomplishments are peeing on the floor and non-stop yapping. His frequently reiterated cheap shots at Congressman Allen West display his undeniable political and personal bias but worse, is his woefully juvenile attitude toward the journalist’s obligation to observe a semblance of societal decorum. Mayo is a bloviating ignoramus with an active penchant for verbal bomb-throwing.

Okay. So, the Sentinel hires on the cheap and as a result, their readership gets short shrift in the quality of that paper’s Opinion department. Okay, we got it.

However, there can be no excuse for the shameful disrespect Mayo continually aims directly at sitting Congressman Allen West, a combat veteran who has been decorated for valor and who commanded soldiers in the U.S. Army for some 22 years. I’ve no idea what Michael Mayo might have contributed to the cause of Liberty in this country but, I’m almost certain that if such contribution exists, it bears no comparison with the life- long record of sacrifice and service that belongs to retired LTC.West.

In case a reader of this diatribe wonders why this writer has not sent it directly to the SunSentinel as a Letter-to-the-Editor, here’s why: I don’t like to waste my time.

I’ll just forgo the dubious benefits of reading Mayo’s columns, along with most of his leftist cohorts whose partisan rants appear in the aforementioned newsrag. Why do I still subscribe you might ask? Because, we have the bottom of a birdcage that needs to be re-lined, daily.


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