Saturday, April 18, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

“Only those willing to bear the burdens of freedom have a right to its rewards.”
(This is a quote from John Marini, Professor of Political Science at the University of Nevada,  during a speech he delivered at Hillsdale College on March 3, 2015.)
I read these words over and over - and with each reading, they seemed to become more deeply etched into my consciousness. They have everything to do with personal responsibility, which is a concept that in today’s world is increasingly regarded as impractical as studying Latin, the language that was spoken in ancient Rome.
Our old friends, “The Something-for-Nothing” crowd plus, the ever- popular “Clueless & Careless” voters, rushed headlong to the polls to elect the grossly unqualified, utterly inexperienced but, highly articulate, super-smooth Socialist ideologue Barack Hussein Obama, ‘Mr. Cool’.  This crowd views both character and personal responsibility as things that are far removed from their concern.  
Taking their cue from ‘Mr. Cool’, they are only interested in the immediate gratification of their self-serving bucket lists.  Accepting blame or responsibility for things that go awry, especially things such as their support for the litany of Obama’s doomed-to-failure policies, is simply out of the question.  Knee-jerk-response policies that were conceived and jammed through the Congress without a thought or a smidgeon of either awareness or concern regarding the glaringly obvious, negative consequences – ‘At least Obama did something, didn’t he?’.’
There is a terrible price to pay for such willful unwillingness to bear the burdens of freedom – it is the irretrievable loss of Liberty and the irrevocable downfall of our beloved, United States of America.
This is where we find ourselves at this moment in time.

MORT KUFF  © 4-18-2015

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