Sunday, April 5, 2015

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An open letter to every single Rabbi of every Synagogue in S.E. Florida:
There are a number of Christian organizations that are dedicated to the cause of keeping Israel alive, as a sovereign nation.  And, they work hard to provide really positive, genuinely meaningful aid & comfort to Israel and to Jewish people, worldwide.  Heavy focus is on Israel itself of course, because of the eminent danger that tiny State faces 24/7 from all the hostile Arab nations that surround it. Plus, the combined forces of the thug nations in the UN, whose every action is driven by a blinding hatred of Israel and Jews.  These anti-Semitic lunatics live only to bring about the total destruction of Israel.  Obama’s new friend Iran, heads up the bunch. Thanks, Mr. President.
There are many more but, let me just cite three of the outstanding organizations that deserve the support of every Jew and every Synagogue in the United States:
PJTN ‘Proclaiming Justice to the Nations’ (Franklin, TN  Toll Free: 877-779-0202)     
CUFI ‘Christians United for Israel’ (
IFCJ ‘International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ (
Today, the tables have turned.  With the birth and swift growth of ISIS (ISIL) and the dozens of spin-off terrorist groups of Radical Islam whose only tie to each other formerly, was their vicious hatred for Jews everywhere and the State of Israel in particular - -  now, they’ve gone wild in bloody killing sprees with Christian men, Christian women and Christian children as their targets.  Even Muslims who don’t follow the dictates of Shariah, are killed for that reason, alone.
And so, my Jewish brethren and Rabbis in S. E. Florida – I now ask YOU can you, will you, show the same love and support as the ‘Christians for Jews’ have proven over and over that they have for our people? Need help knowing how to get started?  Get on the internet or pick up the phone and get in touch with one of the three FOJs (Friends of Jews) listed above.  
CAN WE DO LESS?  CAN WE NOT GET INVOLVED?         Nike put it best:  JUST DO IT !!
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