Friday, October 23, 2015

Ted Cruz Crushes Liberal Senator On Human Rights Hypocrisy

This Video shows Texas Senator Ted Cruz Crushing the Liberal and Vile California Senator On Human Rights Hypocrisy!

The Free Beacon did ask whether U.S. officials should publicly press for Gao’s freedom. Senator Ted Cruz from the great State of Texas, a frequent critic of the Obama administration—said “yes, yes, and a thousand times yes.” Ted Cruz introduced a resolution in June that calls for renaming a street in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington after Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel laureate and human rights activist who remains in prison.

“Whether it is Pastor Saeed Abedini wrongfully imprisoned in Iran, an American citizen; whether it was Merriam Ibrahim, married to an American citizen, sentenced to torture and death in Sudan for her Christian faith; whether it is Kenneth Bae, another American citizen wrongfully imprisoned in North Korea; or whether it is Leopoldo Lopez in Venezuela, who is subject to a sham trial and wrongfully imprisoned for speaking out for freedom against [President Nicolas] Maduro and his oppressive socialist policies;—on every front, President Obama has been AWOL,” Senator Ted Cruz said. “He seemingly cannot bring himself to utter the names of those fighting for freedom, and that is a critical aspect of leadership of the American president.”

Also we have heard Mark Levin and Ted Cruz are to Blame for RINO Boehner leaving. Blame? If Ted Cruz had anything to do with Boehner quitting, well Senator Cruz should be thanked. RINOs and Liberals are destroying America by funding the Marxist policies of this regime.

Take a stand for liberty today! Please join the fight to reignite the promise of America with Ted Cruz.

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