Sunday, October 25, 2015

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This President cannot be trusted to either protect or defend this nation.

Sadly, quite the opposite is true. It has long since passed the time when Barack Hussein Obama should have acknowledged publicly, that the number one mortal enemy of our traditional American way of life, is ISLAM.  Clueless, careless, something-for-nothing Democrats who slavishly go along with this all-talk-no-action president, will never admit their misguided loyalty to Obama – they will never come out of the closet.  So, do not expect or count on a change of heart from them.  You might as well bark at the moon.
Hence, it is up to American patriots who love this nation as it was conceived, to stop this nonsense.  All Republican presidential candidates should bond together in order to speak with one voice in denouncing ISLAM as the mortal enemy of the United States.  To do anything less, is to invite more and more insurgence and thus, to continue to weaken our national resolve to retain our position of dominance among nation – and to destroy our resolve to remain an independent people, living in Liberty and enjoying our individual freedoms.  This President cannot be trusted to either protect or defend this nation. That is an undeniable fact.

This President has proven time and time again that he is on the side of Islamist forces of evil and will under no circumstances, ever lift a finger against them.  Nor, is he willing to even pay lip service to defending our founding document, The Constitution of the United States.  This, despite his having sworn a sacred oath to do so as a U. S. Senator and twice, as the President of the United States.  What the hell kind of president is that?  Who does he represent?

He has proven that he will not defend this nation’s citizenry against hostile forces.  He has proven that he cares nothing about the security of our borders.  He has proven in every action that what he really wants is to garner millions of potential Democrat voters as he has blatantly facilitated the flood of unlimited hordes of illegals to freely cross our Southern border.  He has proven that he intends to weaken us militarily until we are totally incapable of defending the sovereignty of our homeland, our families and ourselves.

He has proven that he has no compunction about lying through his teeth, regarding the character of our relationship with former allies – specifically, Great Britain and Israel.  He says one thing but means another.  His claims of loyal relationships with allies in the Middle East and elsewhere are figments of his wishful thinking – they do not exist.  He has bowed to our sworn enemies, despots who openly deny our right to exist on Earth and daily shout, “Death to America”.  He has prostituted himself and has blasphemed our sacred honor and our national security to the most evil enemies existing on the face of this Earth, today.  Worse, he has secretly negotiated the surrender of our nation and its people solely, to create a false legacy for himself.  There is no evidence, credible or otherwise, to support a logical case to the contrary.      MORT KUFF  © 10-3-2015

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