Sunday, November 1, 2015

MITCH McCONNELL & JOHN BOEHNER to share the 2015 Benedict Arnold Traitor’s Award

Finally, the votes have been tallied and the results are in - - McConnell and Boehner won by a landslide.  They combined to go back on every promise they made while running their campaigns for seats in the Senate and the House – and once they were settled into their roles as the Republican leaders in their respective chambers of the U. S. Congress, they stuck it to us!

They were expected to reverse much of the damage done by Herr Obama’s tyrannical use of the presidential tool of ‘Executive Order’.  They were expected to use the power of the purse strings in the case of the House and legislative craftsmanship in the case of the Senate.  They did neither in fact, they did precisely the opposite.
They worked hand-in-glove with Obama and the demonic Democrats to give him everything he wanted and more.  We loyal Republicans who voted these traitorous bastards into office were appalled at what we were witnessing.  It was as if  both (R) leaders had agreed to replace the (R) after their names with a (D)  – and do it at every opportunity, without explanation or  displaying even the slightest shame or embarrassment. Rather than being lauded upon his retirement, John Boehner and his sneaky cohort Mitch McConnell should have been publicly horse-whipped.  They sold out to the corrupt Democrat jackasses in Washington, D.C. and deserve nothing but the utter disdain of every patriotic American who voted for them.  They stink!
I liked Paul Ryan when he was running as VP to Romney however, I became quite anxious about the manner in which he played coy and became demanding in his run up to the Speakership of the House.  And then, to go along with the latest cave-in by Boehner to the Democrats that lets Obama off the hook for the balance of his term - - gave me an very uneasy feeling about how the House will be run under Ryan.  I’m experiencing mixed emotion – hopeful yet, unsettlingly apprehensive.
It is up to us Folks – that’s YOU & ME, to keep very close tabs on our representatives in the U. S. Congress and begin to communicate our reactions and our responses to their every damned move . . . every damned day they are in session.
Let’s watch ‘em all like a hawk – and let them know we’re watching.                             MORT KUFF     ©10-20-2015

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