Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marxist Whoopi Goldberg Defends Helen Thomas’ Anti-Semitic Remarks

Debbie Schlussel gets it. She is an excellent writer and takes no guff from these Lowlife Marxist Liberals. This disgusting Whoopi Goldberg protects Rapists. Then you have despicable Joy "Grayheart" Beyhar worried about why would Elton John play at Rush's wedding. She should be AXING Beyonce, Bejonce or whatever why she performs for Terrorists. Or why do these so-called Singers play for Racists like the Mexican President and Michelle (sat 20 years in Racist Church, friends of Khalidi and farrakhan) Obama.

Portion below by Debbie Schlussel

Just minutes ago, has-been, unfunny comedienne/actress and co-host of ABC’s hag-fest “The View” defended Hearst White House correspondent Helen Thomas’ urging Jews to “go back to Germany, Poland.”

To Goldberg & Helen Thomas:
Go Back to Muppet (and Ugly) Land!

And Goldberg–whose real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson and took the name to mock Jews and get noticed–lied in her defense of Thomas, saying

For many years, there were not Jews in Israel.

Oh, really? Like when, Whoopi? In fact, there have been Jews in Israel for thousands of years. There has always been a Jewish presence in Israel. To say otherwise is a lie, a falsity. But I’ll tell you who wasn’t in Israel for centuries: “Palestinians,” a fake ethnicity made up of Arabic nomads from throughout the Middle East who came to pre-Israel “Palestine” when Jews were the “Palestinians” and brought them paid jobs and resources they didn’t get in their own further outposts in greater Arabia and in their desert wanderings.

Goldberg/Johnson continued to defend Helen Thomas, saying:

It’s both parties’ land. . . . She’s [Helen Thomas] saying you have to talk.

Really? That’s an interesting interpretation. Does, “go back to Germany, Poland” sound like “you have to talk”?

And finally, she dismissed it with

Well, people always say, “Go back to Africa.”

Um, Whoopi, do you really think Helen Thomas would still be employed by Hearst if she said that to Black people? That’s the point. No one seems to have the same outrage for bigotry against Jews. There’s much more tolerance for such hatred.

All of this is no surprise, as Goldberg is a MARXIST, who said Roman Polanski’s sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl he drugged “wasn’t rape rape,” and doesn’t believe we actually landed on the Moon.

In case you’re wondering, the other ditzes on “The View” didn’t do much of a response to Goldberg/Johnson’s BS. Vacant faux-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck said nothing. Joy Behar agreed with Goldberg/Johnson’s false claim that Jews didn’t live in Israel “for many years” and said that Helen Thomas “could have said it in a nicer way.”

Hmmm . . . what’s a nicer way of saying, “Jews get out!”? I wonder if Behar, who is Italian, would like it if I said there’s a nicer way of saying, “Go back to Sicily.”

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Anonymous said...

Whoppie need to realize that she is not like the wise character she played on Star Trek. In fact, she may suffer from some form of mental handicap.