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Liberalism Ruins Cities

To all the great Conservatives, please read below as we have an informative article on how Liberalism will ruin Cities.
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This portion below is by Aaron Proctor.

Chester, PA: A Philly suburb and microcosm of Detroit

In today's previous article, an allusion was drawn as to what can happen to a City bogged down with machine politics. Hard-working, taxpaying people who care about their neighborhoods leave and cities are filled with crime and blight. One here in Philadelphia doesn't even have to look at Detroit for an example of this - simply travel some fifteen miles down I-95 South to a city in Delaware County called Chester.

Chester, Pennsylvania was once a thriving city with textile factories everywhere and even its own ship builder, Sun Ship. In recent years, a bit of a renaissance has been attempted there - with the addition of a Harrah's Casino as well as the erection of PPL Park - home to Major League Soccer's Philadelphia Union.

However, the Chester that the casino and stadium want you to see is not the real Chester that is there. Let's take a trip back to the 1970's when Liberal strongholds were growing all over this great nation. The Naccrelli family of the Mafia was making great strides hand-in-hand with Unions all over the City of Chester. By the 80's, Mayor Willie Leake, a Democrat stool pigeon, was placed in office by the thugs. By the late 1980's, Sun Ship was gone, textile factories were abandoned, rat-infested warehouses, drug dealing was at an all time high and shootings were a regular occurrence. Residents who worked hard and paid taxes were forced to pay for more and more handouts the City was providing so they moved to other suburbs in Delaware County.

The Chester-Upland School District - worst in the State - was once even taken over by the State of Pennsylvania and they couldn't handle the mess. Too much Liberal tax gouging, too many hand outs to the Mafia and Unions and - as we can see today - Chester has had four homicides in the past eight days. The Mayor has declared martial law and forced a curfew and a "state of Emergency" although an emergency has been happening in that place since 1985.

This is something that did not happen all over night. Liberals came in to a once vibrant town, raped it of its dignity, latched on to fellows like the Mafia, Unions and other folks without scruples - and pride and people moved away. Property taxes skyrocketed and the only housing left was Section 8 housing and projects. Nobody could pay taxes so there weren't enough police. Nobody could pay for anything so, soon, Chester became one of the few cities that doesn't even have one single supermarket.

As aforementioned, the idea of taxation and punishing people for a City's malfeasance led to people leaving in droves. Chester became a war zone. It's still a war zone - since all of the police protection surrounds the casino and stadium. It is not a safe City and not a great place to go side for the northwestern part of the City completely owned by Widener University.

There used to be a sign outside of the now completely blighted Chester SEPTA station that said "What Chester Makes, Makes Chester". What does Chester currently produce? Crime? Homicides? A corrupt government?

Chester is a microcosm for the ills of Socialism and what happens when Machine politics and Mafioso Unions run the show: Chester is also a crystal ball into the future of Philadelphia.

- AP

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Teresa said...

Liberalism ruins lives. Detroit and Chester are just two examples of liberalisms' destruction in our society.