Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stop Marxism & Support Great American Rick Barber

Great American Rick Barber, Outspent 7 to 1, Forces Runoff


You have to get behind this man. He is the real deal. Volunteer, donate, work his campaign. He has the stuff that America needs to turn this ship around. His opponent is a RINO. We need Barber. Now.
Outspent 7 to 1, Marine Corp Veteran, Rick Barber Forces a run off!
On June 1st, after being outspent 7 to 1, Marine Corp Veteran Rick barber forces a Run off! 1 by the establishment-GOP’s chosen candidate, Marine Corps veteran and tea party candidate Rick Barber forced a runoff election for the 2nd District’s Republican nomination.

“This experience has been thrilling, overwhelming, exhilarating, but, most of all, humbling,” said Rick Barber after learning that his campaign was going to be extended until July 13th.

“When I entered this race, nearly all of the pundits were saying that I had no chance. To force a runoff with an opponent who had national endorsements behind her is just amazing.”

Rick Barber has never run for elected office before. In 2009, he became a prominent tea party leader in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. He held tea party events at his place of business, spoke at several rallies, marched on Washington on 9/12, and even campaigned for Scott Brown in January to help the Massachusetts Senator win the 41st filibuster vote for the GOP.

“Throughout the campaign, we’ve been broke,” added Barber. “There were moments when we thought we couldn’t continue for another week, but around every corner there’s been a miracle. Tonight was just the latest and greatest miracle.”

The Rick Barber for Congress campaign now has six weeks to turn the tide in district 2 away from the handpicked GOP favorite Martha Roby who has spent more than $500,000 thus far in her bid to take the nomination.
“We’re not intimidated by Martha’s money,” said Barber. “Our message has been the strength of our campaign from the start. We believe in limited government, lower taxes, the right to life and the US Constitution.”

“We’re not planning on deviating from a winning message.”

The runoff election will be held on July 13th, but, for the moment, the Barber campaign is enjoying its accomplishment. Being outspent 7 – 1, Rick Barber managed to force a runoff.

Hat Tip to Mr. I, a Real Conservative
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