Friday, December 10, 2010

MSM and Democrat Perverts

Dear Professor Watson:

Amazing, Professor Robert Watson of Lynn University, wrote a column without mentioning George W. Bush once and only one mention that Warren G. Harding was a Republican. Since Warren G. Harding was such a rogue, and as the professor related, a sexual pervert/addict, you'd think that he might've mentioned his successors, John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, who also shared an affinity for loose women and an appetite for extra-marital affairs? I'm sure Democrat-liberal Robert Watson will write some scathing columns about the sexual proclivities of Kennedy and Clinton, just to balance off the behavior between Republicans and Democrats. Professor Watson claims that he is an objective educator/columnist and not a partisan hack , which critics, like me, brand him from his previous writings, so it would be refreshing to see a critique of some of his political icons in the Democrat Party.

I am breathtakingly looking forward to Professor Watson's expose of the sexual rogues of the Democrat Party in some future column. Go to it Professor Watson, I know you can do it!

Chuck On The Right Side

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