Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chris Matthews "thrill up your leg" syndrome

Below is another comment sent to the Socialist, I mean, Main Stream Media Newspaper. South Florida has become a breeding ground for "Liberals on the run" from New York, New Jersey, etc.. They parade around as "Moderates" however they are still lovin' Barry Soetoro.

Dear David Broder:

Hope springs eternal in the minds of the hopelessly naive. With your experience in journalism and being in the morass of Washington these many years, how can you be so effusive about the actions of Obama this past week? Do you really think he is a "pragmatic liberal" instead of the left-wing ideologue that he has projected over the past two years?

I guess the Chris Matthews "thrill up your leg" syndrome has infected you also. Such fawning over a political figure shows the abject bias of the fourth estate. What you claim was a crowning moment of Obama at last weeks news conference, was a portrait of an angry "man-child" who accused others of blocking his agenda by accusing them of taking "hostages" etc. Do you consider that presidential behavior?

Let's see what Obama does when or if he gets the tax bill with all those obscene "earmarks" included. He specifically said he would veto this type of legislation. We'll see if he is the "pragmatic liberal" that you think he is.

Come back to reality David, get rid of your liberal bias in your commentary.


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