Sunday, January 2, 2011

Condoleezza Rice Takes on Katie Couric Over Iraq Claims

Why do Liberals hate America? Does katie couric really think she would stand a chance if America falls to a level equivalent of Mexico, Iran or Kenya? Does she know what those People would do to her? Does she think Women have the same Rights in Counties like those? Does katie couric and her fellow Nazi Liberals know what Barry Hussein did to Women in Iraq, even on their Wedding night?

Also Tenet was hired by Slick Willie Clinton. As a member of President Clinton's national security transition team, Tenet coordinated the evaluation of the US Intelligence Community. The Generals in Barry Hussein's army thought they had WMD's.

She needs a Barry Soetoro Teleprompter to read question to Condi Rice. Condi Rice slaps the lowlife, American-Hater Couric down!

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