Friday, January 21, 2011

How Soon We Forget

Are our economic discrepancies with China just questionable performances of a political war of words, or are we neglecting to face stark reality. The damage the Clinton Administration did by being complicit in empowering China’s nuclear technical ability in exchange for financial support to insure successful re-election results, provided China with classified nuclear information delivered by Mr. B Schwartz owner of Loral Electronics. Bill Clinton was the victor, and we the people the possible victims.

Why is the continuing hypocrisy by staunch ideological Democrat Party pundits and irresponsible biased journalists bowing to the Chinese making no mention the gift of classified nuclear information enriching the minds of their scientists to increase their effort for nuclear excellence mitigating ours.

The avariciousness of cavalier leading protagonists on the Washington political scene thirsting for power and self aggrandizement give no consideration by their actions endangering the safety and security of our Democracy by stooping to shameful, sometimes evil hazardous strategic measures secretively by further empowering China’s communist ideological philosophy. They must be feared not embraced with patriotic fervor.

Bill Clinton and the Chinese government were the victors of that escapade and we future possible victims.

If those with administrative power are not concerned with the health and wealth of US of A, and/or are overlooking dire damaging consequential evidence and possible outcome of having divulged these nuclear secrets to the Chinese as payment in kind for financial support to retain political advantage and power, has only contributed to the usurpation of our power being noted as the strongest most powerful nation in the world.

The hypocrisy of the sturm and angst over China’s control of our debt is frighteningly maddening. to say the least, but in retrospect not as maddening and frightening looking back in anger and disdain at the manipulative strategy of President Bill Clinton to insure his re-election as he vilified and diminished our history and legacy by tampering with our ideals, values and principles.

It cannot be denied that giving away classified nuclear secrets was an outrageous crime perpetrated upon America not just an error in judgment.

If, the present administration under the aegis of Barack Obama, continues to use a secretive Marxist strategy for winning any debate, is clearly wishful thinking and will not be the solution to our economic woes.

Relying on the Chinese government for continued financial support to solve our financial insolvency is laboring under the illusion that the continuing good offices of the Chinese tooth fairy will leave a gift under our pillows of stress and fear.

President Hu of China, and President Barack Obama probably more silently on our part sip wine from the same cup, and bear a vision by design similarly through the lens of a Marxist political credo. Our democracy’s power structure may be at war with that of China under what appears to be the imaginary vision of beleaguered friendships, however do not place a bet with hard earned money on either one.

So, do not weep for us America, this war of words in this world of battling nations will be won as usual by freedom loving people who choose to be masters of their own lives. Amen.

Conservative Commentary from Helen Goodman

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Patriotic Lady said...

I refuse to allow the corrupt Obama administration to get away with this crap. The electorate as a group feeling betrayed, remind me of women after suffering the pain of childbirth claim never again yet how soon they forget. I don’t know if the analogy makes any sense, but I am angry as hell.