Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thumbs up to Morgan Brittany

Please indulge in any vehicle actress Morgan Brttany (Suzanne Cupito)
appears in. She is not one of the Malibu Moron!
If you watched Sean Hannity last night, she posed a very logical question.
If Jared Laughner didn't use a gun, but instead barreled down the
street in an SUV at 70mph, mowing down dozens of innocent people,
will the backers for repealing the 2nd amendment lobby to ban SUVs?
It's the nut behind the gun sight and the jerk behind the wheel, not the

Owning a gun without a permit, driving a car without a license, being
in this country without proper documentation is illegal. The latter is
guilty of all three felonies, so how does my fellow friends from the left
intend to remedy the situation? Our laws allow for legal citizens to apply
for a drivers license and gun permit, but it isn't written anywhere that an
illegal intruder has the right to bare arms or drive a car. Yet many homicides
and vehicular deaths are caused by these illegal intruders. So how is repealing
the 2nd amendment going to stop anyone from obtaining a firearm outside
the law? If anybody has evil intent, guns are readily available, law or no law!

Written by George, a Real Patriot
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