Thursday, January 20, 2011

Was Hillary Clinton's Silence Bought?

Dear Professor Watson:

Far be it for me, a lowly, right-wing conservative, to question the distinguished professor of American history, Robert W. Watson of Lynn University, but I must correct you on your claim that Bill Clinton's impeachment was because of his dalliance with a female intern. If my biased memory recalls correctly, Bill Clinton was impeached because of his admitted lying before a Federal Grand Jury in the Paula Jones case, not escapades with Monica Lewinsky.

Never in recent memory has there been so many commutations and pardons granted than were granted during Bill Clinton's administration. Many were politically motivated as opposed to granting mercy for a wrongful conviction or on humanitarian considerations. Over 400 were granted by Clinton during his 8 years in office, including the most egregious, which you did mention, the pardoning of embezzler, scam artist and big Clinton benefactor, Marc Rich who fled the country to avoid prosecution. Some of the other questionable pardons included Rep. Mel Reynolds (D), who was convicted of bank fraud and obstruction of justice besides being a pedophile; Dorothy Rivers (D), an official of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition who was found guilty of embezzling $1.2 million of Federal Government Grants (which looked like a payback to Jesse Jackson); the Puerto Rican terrorists; Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D), convicted in the House post office and banking scandal; Susan McDougal, a player in the Whitewater scandal who refused to testify against both Bill and Hillary Clinton (was her silence bought?); Henry Cisneros (D) his HHS Secretary; and a pardon to his boozing brother, Roger Clinton etc.

Maybe in a future column you might want to clarify the Clinton impeachment and some of the questionable pardons listed above. After all, you claim to be an unbiased educator and a truthful one at that. The Jim Morrison pardon was no big deal , but the politically motivated pardons by Bill Clinton were.


Chuck on The Right Side

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