Monday, November 15, 2010

Restoring "Sanity"! The Racist & Radical Left Wing

We hear all the Left Wing Nazi MSM calling the Tea Party a bunch of Racists. Yet we all know the majority of the Left are the Racists. From Harry Reid to Barbara Boxer, the Liberals are full of hate and racism. Then you have Barry's Rev. Wright, Barry's Buddy, Al Sharpton and Barry Soetoro's Racist picks for the Supreme Court. Also, we hear the Nazi MSM dug up Obama's friend, Bernadette Dohrn (Whatever her name is) attacking the Tea Party.

Just watch the Videos below, as the Left Wingers gather at lowlife Jon Stewart's rally. Jon Stewart was and will always be a lowlife, as he thinks all White People have it easy. I guess he falls into that growing up as a sheltered Rich Kid and thinks that is how all White Americans lived.

We must give a Hat Tip to Teresamerica. She does a great job of fighting for Conservatives Americans!

Please watch these two great Videos by Steven Crowder.

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