Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Allen West Victory Speech

Every time I hear Allen West speak, my mind blows up on why we have Barry in the White House. Now I am not comparing Allen West to Barry Soetoro just because he is Black. I see 2 men at similar ages and how one grows up to work hard and fight for his Country and loves his Country. The other grows up with hoodlums, Commies, Black Panther followers, Terrorists and other neerdowells. Yet if you criticize the Marxist Black Dude, well Hollywood and the Liberal call you a Racist. Yet where were these so-called Tolerant People when Allen West, a Real hero was being bashed and lied about? Those Liberal Nazis cower in the corner while their Regime attacks a Soldier. And you will hear Allen West make the point that he knows who the Enemy is. He is not afraid to say Terrorist like the Coward Eric Holder of Hussein Obama. An Barry better think twice about his comments of Hand-to-Hand combat with Allen West.

Hat Tip to Chuck On The Right Side

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