Monday, November 8, 2010

Comments to Left Wing MSM

Today we have a letter below to one of the Left Wing MSM outlets in Florida. These self-proclaimed elitist still preach on "Racist Tea-Party". Yet none of these Nazi Media Outlets, who drink Obama Kool-Aid tell the story of Allen West and Marco Rubio. The Tea Party supported these great Guys and others who are so called Minorities in this Politically Correct Country ruled by a Marxist Regime.
This portion below is from our Friends at Chuck On The Right Side.

Dear Professor Watson:

For a supposed esteemed historian (in the liberal community), you seem to have flashes of amnesia when evaluating some of the policies that our government has pursued.

In your screed on "patriotism" you claim that it is not patriotic to root for a president's failure or to pledge your loyalty to party rather than to their constitutional oath. Let me ask you "Professor", if you think that the policies of the president will do harm to our country, would it not be patriotic to root for those policies to fail? That's exactly what President Obama's critics root for - the failure of his policies, not, in particular, the man himself. To me, that is more patriotic than what you implied. We are all not lemmings being driven to our demise by the Pied Piper.

As to the part where you claim it is not patriotic, for a politician, to pledge his/her loyalty to a party rather than their constitutional oath, is a point I could possibly agree with. Knowing your politics (which is decidedly left-liberal) and your past utterances, that "dig" was directed at the Republicans ( most likely the Tea Party protesters, in particular), but isn't passing legislation (like ObamaCare) which, in my estimation, will be declared unconstitutional because you can't force someone to buy a good or service and then assess a penalty for not complying, and then passing it because of partisan arm-twisting and outright bribery, is just as unpatriotic as your unfair depiction as claiming that the tax cuts only benefited the rich when the "rich" taxpayers today pay approx. 60% of all income taxes? To pass along such misinformation under the cloak of being an objective educator, is as unpatriotic as you can get because it undermines an honest and fair dialogue.

I think the people you decry as unpatriotic are really the true patriots and not the self-serving professor who lives in his liberal ivory tower.


Chuck On The Right Side

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