Monday, November 29, 2010

Can Sarah Palin beat Obama in 2012?

We are banging back at that Nazi MSM (Main Stream Media). These lowlifes and Hollywood celebrity dirtbags are are of control From lowlife Cher making comments against the Tea Party to Janine Garafolo or whatever she calls herself. These People do not want White People to have the freedom of speech. The Nazi MSM and Celebs have worked hard to install the King of Kenya. They want the Cloward and Piven plan to be in full form to destroy America.

Dear Gary Stein:

Why do all you screwed up liberals get your bowels in an uproar every time Sarah Palin's name comes up? For a person who you think is a joke, she surely gets you and your fellow travelers in such a hissy-fit that you can't think straight. As a supporter of the Tea Party (which according to all reputable polls) are made up of above average people including some Democrats, many Independents and mostly Republicans, I can sympathize with you. The "loons" sort of gravitated to the Democrats, and rightly so. The Tea Party is a force to be reckoned with and you know it, that's why you get so upset.

As you've shown again, the editorial board of the Sun-Sentinel is made up of almost unanimous liberal thinkers, you have the nerve to complain about the bias of Fox News. Fox News happens to be the highest rated cable news station in the country. They didn't get that position by being overly biased, although they tend to be more center-right than their competitors MSNBC and CNN. All three broadcast networks plus the two cable stations mentioned above, are decidedly liberal biased. You probably think they are "moderate" because you agree with the drivel they put out on a regular basis.

As for you digs on Bristol Palin, you should be ashamed of yourself. I only saw the last two episodes of "Dancing with the Stars" and I was quite impressed by the way she conducted herself on the show. Remember, she was a 20 year old "amateur" who was competing against others who mostly had show business experience. She was not the best, but neither did she deserve the derision that she received from partisan blowhards like you. Would you have made those comments if it was Clinton's, Gore's, or Kerry's daughters? I think not as they are Democrats, and you agree with their political views. It seems everything that doesn't fit into your partisan sphere, must be some sort of a right-wing conspiracy? It just goes to prove how shallow you are to denigrate people you disagree with. Whenever you liberals can't win the argument, you resort to the "politics of personal destruction" to try to prove your non-existent point.

I think that Sarah Palin will not be the candidate of the Republicans in 2012, but I think she will be an important king-maker in capturing the Presidency and the Senate. I can see her in a Republican Administration as the Energy Secretary or some other cabinet post. So Gary, change your underwear and calm your bowels. You mustn't let your emotions get the best of you since the past election is history and the good guys cleaned your clock (and your underwear)


Chuck On The Right Side

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