Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goldstein worships at the altar of FDR

When Rush mentioned that there were about 4 Conservatives left in the Boca Raton area, he was right. We are bombarded down here by the typical Left Wing, Obama Kool-aid drinking MSM. Well below we have a Real Conservative, Chuck On The Right Side, fighting back! Those FDR worshippers don't mention the freedoms we lost under FDR. He locked up Japanese, took businesses away from Italian-Americans and hampered Jewish-Americans. Also, FDR did NOT get America out of the depression.

Dear Stephen L. (Lunatic) Goldstein:

Once again, Stephen L. Goldstein has invoked his lunatic liberal philosophy in trying to justify his desire (Sun-Sentinel 11/28) for an expansion of government by championing a Socialist/Marxist matrix for our democratic republic.

Conservatives/Tea Party advocates realize, contrary to what ultra-liberal Goldstein says, that government has its place in our capitalist/free enterprise society. We do not want to get rid of government, as it was intended in our constitution, but when government exceeds its authority, like passing a trillion dollar government run health care bill using the force of government to have people comply with its provisions, we are against it, as should all right (no pun intended) thinking Americans. Most of the items, our esteemed "liberal lunatic" Goldstein put forth as worthwhile government intrusions, are programs for the general welfare of the country, of which we can agree on. It's when you have the federal government intruding on the 10th Amendment that, people like myself, on the right, have the problem with. Providing for the general defense and providing for the general welfare are areas where a viable government should exert and direct its efforts.

With the exception of the military, Goldstein would have trouble naming any government agencies that are or can be run on an efficient or economical basis. Almost everything the government takes over usually results in sub-par performance and wasteful expense, i.e, Post Office, Amtrak, Energy Dep't., Social Security (going broke), Medicare/Medicaid (going broke), Dep't. of Education, Dep"t. of Agriculture, and on and on. Make work government jobs are not the answer either, as the recent wasteful government Stimulus plans have shown us.

Maybe someday Stephen L. Goldstein will stop worshiping at the altar of FDR and return to reality. But then again, I wouldn't hold my breath.


Chuck On The Right Side

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