Friday, November 26, 2010

Sheila Jackson Lee and her Fraudulent Friends

This Sheila Jackson Lee character is and out and out fraud! She made statements as if she was part of the NFL and she said Rush was not welcome. Sheila Jackson Lee is some kind of liberal mind reader, she thinks she reads Rush's mind and he must be Racist. This Sheila Jackson Lee should have been called out for being Racist at her Town hall meeting. She takes a worthless cell phone call while a White Woman tries to explain her predicament. Yet watch this Video as Sheila Jackson Lee hugs a liar, who happens to be a Black Woman. And she says Rush is Racist? Why can't White People criticize this Fraud, Barry Soetoro? The Liberal, self-loathing White People who try and take away our freedoms are destined to be in Michele Obama's forced Work camp.

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