Monday, November 1, 2010

Liberals Attack The Truth

Dear Gary Stein (Editorial writer for the Sun-Sentinel):

Why do most all liberals, in trying to justify their viewpoint, always resort to using and calling others derogatory names , mainly against Conservatives and/ or Republicans, especially so by the so-called "objective" journalists, which you claim to be one.
Even though there was no strong evidence to make the future Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, a "sexual harasser", the seriousness of the charge was enough, for the liberals, to drag this potential justice through the mud to try to get his nomination derailed. It didn't work even though the efforts of that "pillar" of the community, N.O.W. poster boy, and accessory to a woman's death, Ted Kennedy, was the leader in this uncivil attack against Clarence Thomas.

What's so wrong with the victim's wife asking the accuser, even after almost 20 years, to make amends and apologize for her baseless attack against her husband? She wasn't threatening and was very diplomatic in her request, although quite naive to think you could get a liberal to apologize for any misconduct, but according to the "unbiased" media, of which you are a part Mr. Stein, she is some sort of a "kook" for asking. Maybe the "kook" you are referring to looks back at you when you look in the mirror. Shame on you for presenting your bias in such a blatant presentation in our hometown paper the Sun-Sentinel.

Chuck On The Right Side
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