Friday, January 14, 2011

Socialism Masquerading as Free-market Education

We another strike back (with WORDS, calm down Obama drones and hypocrites) at South Florida Marxist Media, aka fringe MSM.

Dear Stephen L. Goldstein:

Imagine you, Stephen L. Goldstein, a socialist, against redistribution of dollars out of the pockets of the middle-class? In addition, you say that giving money to families to use at schools other than public schools is socialism masquerading as free-market education. Do you really believe that?

How can you be in favor of free-market education and then support "competition-free" monopolistic public schools which have been failing to provide a meaningful education to many thousands of our students for decades. Do you want to perpetuate the failings of the status-quo in our public schools?

If the public schools were doing their job, we wouldn't need "voucher schools", but when people, like you Stephen, use cliches to rail against remedies to what we are doing now, it shows that political considerations take precedence over common sense.

If we can get school vouchers ( a/k/a Opportunity Scholarships) passed over the objections of the teachers unions, far-left pundits, and liberal politicians, you'll see a dramatic increase in public school achievement because they'll have to compete for the students and dollars earmarked for education. Competition, like in the business world, will motivate the public schools to make the learning climate more conducive to learning by attracting the students and the dollars that are going to the public schools now.

So instead of championing free-enterprise education (your words), which you really don't believe in from your socialist background, why don't you give your support to the new governor (Rick Scott) in helping him to try to give the students the opportunity at getting a meaningful education by giving them a choice - isn't that what all leftists believe in? Or is that phrase only used when you talk about abortion?

In the words of economist/author, Dr. Thomas Sowell, "If you want to see the poor (students) remain poor (uneducated), generation after generation, just keep the standards low in their schools and make excuses for their academic shortcomings and personal misbehavior". By not reforming the system, that is what you will reap, year after year, to the detriment of the students, in particular, and to the country, as a whole.


Chuck On The Right Side

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