Thursday, January 27, 2011

Delusional Rabbi Protesting Glenn Beck

Dear Editorial Board of the Sun-Sentinel:

In the article that appeared in the Sun-Sentinel (Jan. 27, P.3A) "Me thinks the rabbi's protest too much". These left-wing rabbi's are upset by Glenn Beck criticizing George Soros and for his using references to Nazi's and the Holocaust in describing some of the actions of his political opponents. Give me a break! Is it all right, rabbi's, that a Congressman Cohen (D-Tenn.) used the Nazi, Holocaust and Goebbels references to describe the actions of the Republicans? Yes, George Soros, an atheist who has renounced his Jewish heritage, was only 14 years of age when he helped a Nazi sympathizer confiscate the property of Hungarian Jews who were being rounded up to be sent to the concentration camps, but when given the opportunity years later to show some remorse and to repent for his teenage actions, he refused and said that it was a very pleasant time of his life. He shouldn't be criticized or singled out for that behavior? Maybe the money donated by the billionaire Soros to the religious institutions of these rabbi's has something to do with the "outrage" shown against Fox News and Glenn Beck?

What a double-standard for the left-leaning media to take, as long as it is a conservative or a right-winger who is being slandered, it's O.K., but when a left-winger is criticized it is termed hate speech.

Get a life rabbi's, spread your holy word to your flock and stop trying to muddy the waters of free speech to advance your left-wing agenda, especially using and defending an admitted anti-Semite to do your dirty work.


Chuck On The Right Side
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