Monday, January 16, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

About Me and Facebook.

Over the past several years I’ve subscribed to Facebook and unsubscribed several times. Subscribed when it seemed the sporting thing to do, to be among the ‘cognoscente’. Unsubscribed each time I realized anew, that this Social Site represents a way of life. It is an all-consuming, full-time, 24/7 occupation. I don’t need that; I don’t want that.

And so, while it will doubtless spread a pall of deep-dark gloom over a majority of the nation’s computer-literate population including my vast legion of friends, debtors and admirers – I will not respond to ‘notifications’, ‘messages from friends’, pals who have ‘tagged photos’ of me – or any of the other irresistible enticements calculated to elicit my response.

To all who would get in touch, my e-mail address ( is still the best way to send me information, messages and/or photos. My phone (561-374-9330) is still connected and I rarely let it ring more than three times before answering. And as of this writing, the USPS continues to make sporadic deliveries to my mail box.

I am truly interested in hearing from my pals who want to communicate. That said however, I must tell you that I get most of my physical exercise these days, from deleting someone else’s idea of ‘what’s funny’, ‘what’s interesting’ or whatever they’ve been told to pass-on ‘under penalty of dire consequences if they don’t’. Each of you receives a ton of e-mails daily, so I know that you understand exactly where I’m coming from. (to end a sentence with a preposition)

I’ve run the numbers. And I have determined to my satisfaction, that by eliminating this one particular demand for my attention, I will free up something on the order of 8-16 minutes in each 24-hr period. That is precisely the amount of time required to pour and consume at least a few sips of my favorite Pinot Noir wine.

Case closed.


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