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Democrats Smeared Innocent Men Serving America

The Democrats have done this for years. They attack our great troops at every turn and then use them as Props in a Speech. Look at how Barry Soetoro used the Military in his last SOTU address. Despicable! Soetoro and his Democrats Clowns chastised, called him horrible names and ripped apart General Petraus. Yet when they need him to bail them out, they want him to
“work for them: I know some will say “work for the Country” yet let’s tell the truth here, this Regime is the most Anti-American regime ever. Don’t you remember Soetoro sitting in the Church with Rev. Wright spouting how Military is killing innocent Women and Children? Yes, Barry has trashed our Military for years. It is part of the Marxist Black Liberation Theology system, that Police and Military are bad.

Below is an article which s very informative on the topic.

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John Murtha Stole the Honor From 8 Innocent Marines – Join the Movement to ‘Stop Murtha Ship’

Earlier this week the 8th and final Haditha Marine was exonerated.
“Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich agreed to plead guilty Monday to one count of negligent dereliction of duty, ending his trial on manslaughter and related charges for his role in the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in 2005.”


The former Democratic representive smeared innocent men serving their country.
There was no “murder in cold blood.”

Cold-blooded John Murtha was wrong about the Haditha marines.
Barack Obama was wrong about Haditha, too.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani was found not guilty of all charges on June 16, 2008.
That made 7 of 8 Marines who had their charges dismissed.
This week the 8th and final Marine was found not guilty.

Photos via Defend Our Marines
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani became the 7th of 8 marines cleared of wrongdoing in the Haditha, Iraq killings in 2005. The final Haditha Marine to stand trial reached a plea deal this week ending his trial on manslaughter and related charges.

John Murtha took the honor from the 8 Haditha Marines.

Never forget…
Haditha Was Exploited To Increase Danger To The US, US Troops, And To Noncombatants
Now there is a movement to stop the US Navy from honoring this antiwar Democrat with a ship in his name.

No Murtha Ship! has been created by concerned Navy veterans and their supporters who believe that politicians like John Murtha should be indicted, not celebrated. We are led by Larry Bailey, a retired Navy Captain who spent 27 years as a Navy SEAL.
Larry announced the launch of No Murtha Ship this week after the 8th and final Haditha Marine was exonerated.

Folks, this is the official launch of our effort to convince the Secretary of the Navy that LPD-26, the ship that is to be launched next year, should be named after either a great American city (like her sister LPD, the USS San Antonio) or a true American hero.
Here is our brand-new website: Take a look. Scott Swett did a great job of putting it up, and Linda Eddy did a great job of designing our logo.
We intend to serve notice on Navy Secretary Ray Mabus that it is intolerable to name this fine vessel after John P. Murtha, arguably (and demonstrably) one of the most corrupt politicians ever to sit in Congress.

It should be made clear that we are not connected to any political party or movement; we just want our Navy’s ships to be named appropriately.
Pass the word, please, to your mailing lists. And tell recipients that any money raised over what our actual costs are (website management, advertisements, etc.) will be donated to a worthy military charity. Nobody is on salary, but contributions will be required to keep us up and running.

You will note that checks must be made out to “Larry Bailey/Sink Murtha.” That is because my bank (USAA Bank) would not allow me to open an account under an organizational name. We also have a PayPal account, as you’ll see on the website.

You have my permission to simply forward this e-mail. However you pass the word is all right with me; just get the message out there that we will not allow a corrupt congressman to be honored by the US Navy!

Many thanks to you all!

Larry Bailey

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