Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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ALAN COLMES: That snake on FOX

For several years, I watched ‘Hannity & Colmes’ on FOX News and experienced a lot of itching and scratching as a result of exposure to Alan Colmes and his leftist lunacy. When the powers that be finally removed him in favor of Hannity doing a solo number, I was enormously relieved.

So, imagine my consternation and irritation at seeing his leering countenance appear once again on my TV screen; this time as a FOX contributor. It is my strongly-held conviction that Alan Colmes should not be afforded the enjoyment of a forum on FOX that in any way, contributes to the legitimization of his warped viewpoints.

I would encourage the moguls at FOX to selectively expose this man’s arrogance, his illogical leftist bias and his innate nastiness by airing brief video clips that reveal the monstrously evil of the man. The most recent example of his ugliness manifested itself when he made crude references regarding how Sen. Rick Santorum and Mrs. Santorum handled the death of their new-born Son. It was utterly uncalled for and pointedly hurtful to the Santorums. If for no other foul act than this example, he should be run through the corporate shredder before being summarily terminated.

Colmes is a hate-filled, unrepentant hard-left Liberal that is committed to spewing his vitriol whenever he is given the opportunity, against Americans who espouse conservative values. Any attempt to provide him with fair & balanced coverage is a joke – a cruel joke. He should be dealt with as the dangerous viper he is. He is truly, the snake on FOX.

Other than the above commentary, I have no strong feelings about the bastard.

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