Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Define Crazy

I conclude radical Islamists are insane. Murder is not a
rational act. You have to believe the average jihadist's
intelligence is 20% below a moron's I.Q., when they
believe that by forfeiting their life performing evil will
give them 72 virgins in heaven can't possibly be all there

This has to be considered when dealing with terrorism. A
term the present administration refuses to recognize. They
prefer to view them as abused, misunderstood, suppressed
people with legitimate grievance.

Have you ever tried dealing with an irrational moron? It's
impossible! I've heard, "never argue with an ignorant
person, because you can never win!" This is why negotiating
with rogue middle east tyrants is futile.

We cannot afford to have another Neville Chamberlain like in
our President.

By George Giftos
Click to read George Giftos at Canada Free Press HERE

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