Friday, June 7, 2013

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Obama’s Legacy: A litany of Lies, Larceny & Lunacy.
   A noose of tyranny around the throat of America.
I’ll leave it to others to list the entire litany of lies, larceny & lunacy that will be the legacy of the Obama Presidency.  This apparently, is the uppermost thought 24/7, in the consciousness of Barack Hussein Obama. That is, other than replacing our sacred  Constitution with total dominance and rule by the Muslim Brotherhood - that brings with it, all the joys of Jihad-Shariah.
In the five years of Obama’s reign, a noose of tyranny has been tightening around the throat of America.  Every constraint on the powers granted to our Federal Government that is specified in The Constitution of the United States, has been trashed by either an action of a Department or Agency of the Fed or, by an Executive Order directly issued by the President from the Oval Office.
Every traditional freedom granted to us by The Constitution and  enjoyed since  that document was ratified by the original thirteen Colonies, has been crushed under the heel of Obama’s tyrannical boot.  At the peak of his oppressive domination over the Colonies, King George III couldn’t hold a candle to this President’s total assault on our freedoms - and Liberty, itself.
Where is our Congress and where is the Supreme Court – the other two ‘equal’ branches of the Federal Government?
Is this the Hope & Change that the majority of voters who elected and then, re-elected Obama expected?  I don’t think so.
How ironic that I am writing this on the anniversary of D-Day during WWII, that began the march toward Europe’s eventual freedom from Nazi tyranny – and on this same date 69 years later, at the inception of total tyranny in the United States of America, as it is now being implemented by the Obama administration.

MORT KUFF  © 6-6-2013

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Ron Russell said...

Barack Obama is not a Pinko, but a full blown red who sees the America of our fathers as a threat to the New World Order he would like to emerge in the years to come. He will do anything to assure that goal is reached. Great looking site. Adding you to my links at my primary blog, Obama Cartoons.