Sunday, June 23, 2013

The President's Two Left Feet

Our two party system is like a pair of shoes. There is a left and there
is a right. For government to move ahead, as with shoes, it is important
the fit is right to prevent blisters; but all too many times that's
sacrificed for looks, causing missteps.

The present administration sold us a pair of shoes solely on fancy design
of false promise and free stuff, but they hurt because they only fit
left feet.

The shoe store manager is Obama and his stock room is stocked with
styles like Obamacare, food stamps. free cell phones, unsecured borders,
Benghazi cover up, fast and furious, IRS tax scandal, freedom of the
press first amendment right violations, hanky-panky foreign service
sex shenanigans and who knows what else will be discovered in yet
unopened boxes, that has the country walking on sore feet


Not even close to the BUSH League

Barack Obama's 'fouls' are coming home to roost!

This inexperienced minor leaguer thought he could play in the big leagues

and hit them out of the ball park, but he hasn't even been able to get even

one single. The umpire is the Media in the political game, giving him

walks, because it doesn't know where the strike zone is.

Aside from the numerous current scandals, his invest in America schemes

have all been failures, pouring money into cockamamie investments as stupid

as trying to find a cure for natural causes.

His collective obamazombies are manning the oars to the cadence of the

talking point drummers, through the murky socialist waters, on his galley of

promises, hoping to distribute additional free handouts.

Planning to launch more vessels for his change the face of America voyage,

he wants to recruit more zombies to crew the new ships he plans to launch

through immigration reform, because the wind is shifting, and it's being knocked

out of his sails.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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