Friday, June 28, 2013

Skin Color Politics Have Destroyed The Message of Martin Luther King Jr.

America owes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. an apology for allowing his message to be hijacked and reversed. Wild Bill for America does another terrific Video.

Now there is this arrogant MOOCH Elle obama in Africa and she includes herself in the same sentence as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and it is disgusting.

This MOOCH Elle obama speaks and what comes to mind is this Rachael Jenteal, the racist buddy of Trayvon Martin. Mooch elle goes on about her Dad paying for her college education yet she never thanks the hard working white tax payers who paid for her. How about all the hard working white tax payers who pay for her countless trips across the world? Mooch elle despise the average American tax payer and she is in Barry's ear to punish America as much as possible.

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