Sunday, July 28, 2013

Get the picture?

We know what makes a clock tick, but it's a mystery to know what makes some
people tick. What we thought freakish in the past is now considered the norm.
There was always the Walmart type of poor taste, dim intelligence, and gaud is
beautiful, and in some cases caused by poverty, creating the I don't give a
mouse's rear end about what you think of looks and behavior.

As a case in point, before the airlines picked our pockets; when they offered in
cabin service and comfort, it was a special occasion to fly. Women wore Sunday
dresses with white gloves and men wore suit jackets. Boarding passengers today
is a freak show. Watching them walk the aisle, looking for their assigned seat;
males with five o'clock shadow in baggy cargo shorts worn close to the plumber's
crack with tank tops and five pound gold chains around their neck, while females
don cheek showing pants, two sizes too small, with skimpy tops to show off spider
web ink on their neck, and blue chain links around biceps, lugging baggage that
would give a longshoreman a hernia, trying to defy the law of physics by stuffing
their over sized bags in a smaller overhead compartment, with ear buds dangling
from their ears, not to miss a beat from the latest rapper not in jail.

Yes, I guess you can equate the check in counter at the airport with the checkout
line at Walmart.

Civility has fallen by the wayside when we see freedom has a dark side without its
responsibility. It's the price we pay with the advancement of technology. Anything
not used properly can be lethal physically and mentally.....e.i. texting and cell
phone calls while driving, computer chips invading our privacy. In the hands of
the unscrupulous, the ignorant, the self interest and greedy manifests adversity
with collateral effect, contaminating family values, traditional marriage,
altruism and decency.

Where the symbols of benevolence, fellowship, humanism in legitimate religions
are now being frowned upon, they are being replaced with drugs, big government,
political correctness, pornography and profanity.

How nice it would be if life was a black board, where you can see everything before
you and pick up an eraser and wipe out all the mistakes and start all over again.
But alas, as history has shown, our vanity dooms us to repeat our mistakes and
choose leaders mirroring the depravity of those responsible for changing our culture
and working to altering the Constitution to accommodate their warped world.

Conservative article from George Giftos

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